Pan American custom shop

If you have a specific vision of what you'd like your suitcase kick drum to be, then welcome to the Pan American Custom Shop.

Whether it's a specific style of suitcase, drum size, or personal elements of style, we will work with you to source all the components necessary to make your vision into a reality. Go for the optional internal pickup and 1/4” cable jack to run it through an effects board and/or amplifier/PA system and you can really bring the house down. Check out some of our recent custom drums done for musicians around the world.


Fit for A Printz

World famous artist, producer, and songwriter, Printz Board, (from Parker Lane) became aware of Pan American Drum Company after seeing one of our drums live in LA. He wanted something ideal for air travel as well as a work of art. We partnered together to find a solution to really fit his vision. The result of this collaboration is stunning.

Follow @printzboard and @parkerlanemusic on Instagram to see and hear more.


(Small) size matters

The overarching goal of this design was to create big sound in a small case that would fit in the overhead bin of an aircraft. This drum features a 12” kick drum mounted into a 1940s overnight case. But there is much more than meets the eye.


Nesting Season

In addition to the kick drum and license plate/tambourine mounted into the case, we also nested a stand alone snare drum inside the 12” drum so everything packs tight. The setup is complete with foam inserts to ensure the snare rests gently during transit.


Shake, Rattle, and Roll

To top it all off, this case came complete with vintage cosmetic jars that were cleaned and converted into hand held shakers for added percussion. Notice we’ve also wired the whole kit so it can be plugged straight into an amp or PA system.

Unleash the Beast


16” Electric Samsonite

Although not conceived as a custom order, this is a great example of the quality that goes into our kick drums. This model features a 16” kick drum with clear 2-ply head a muff’l ring to give it tons of power and that short, punchy pitch you’d expect from a kick drum. This drum is also wired with a pickup and cable jack so you can run it straight into a PA system. This case was in near mint condition and the interior linings were preserved throughout the building process. The result is a professional grade kick drum that will blow you away.


Maverick down under


Western Australia based singer-songwriter Laine Wolf is no stranger to suitcase drums and has been playing one for years. When she encountered the dual head design of the Maverick she knew the addition of a snare would make a big difference in the overall sound of her performance. However, there are times when she makes full use of the tambourine so we devised a way of mounting a full tambourine and a third pedal bracket. The result is this brand new, multi-functional kick drum that can absolutely Bring The House Down. Check out the video tab to hear this drum in action.

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  • 16” bass drum

  • 10” snare drum

  • Full size tambourine

  • Great versatility and powerful sound


King of spring


Behold: He is the King of Spring. His chords will make you Dance & Sing! This Ohio based singer/songwriter and one man band is also a talented artist. He entrusted this pristine work of art to Pan American to turn his gear base into a suitcase kick drum. The end result was stunning and the combination of the artwork and 16" bass drum is fantastic.

This project marks a new day in the Pan American Custom Shop as this type of artwork is now available. Send your ideas to and we'll see about turning your vision into reality.

* Artwork by Tim Tuten/King of Spring. Check out his work on Instagram at king.of.spring.



  • 16” bass drum

  • Full size tambourine

  • 1/4” cable jack for amplification

  • Beautiful custom artwork


Picture this


This beautiful custom job was done for a prominent New York City area music photographer and now resides in one of the coolest home studio setups around. This drum features a 16" drum with a full sized, quick release tambourine housed in a vintage marbled red American Tourister. It's also wired with a pickup and 1/4" cable jack so it can be run straight into an amplifier or PA system.

The sound quality and versatility of this drum are stunning.



  • 16” bass drum

  • Full size tambourine

  • 1/4” cable jack for amplification

  • Mint condition full size American Tourister case