Maverick Custom - No Tambourine

Maverick Custom - No Tambourine


Meet the Maverick.

The Maverick is the latest innovation at Pan American Drum Company that draws from the best of everything we’ve learned about making portable kick drums. This drum houses a 16” bass drum and accompanying 10” snare all housed in a brand new, vintage style wooden travel case. It still has that cool, vintage vibe to it but everything in the drum is brand new - drums, hardware, heads, and case.

The acoustics on this drum are unprecedented and will blow you away. The combination of the bass and snare produces a distinctive sound that will allow a solo performer to truly mimic the presence of a drummer. There is no need to wire this drum with a pickup and cable jack. You can play it as a pure acoustic drum or simply position an instrument mic just outside the rear access mic port.

The drum has a durable handle on the end and the case is on wheels so you can easily transport it. As with all Pan American Drum models, we’ve included pedal brackets to keep everything tight and in place.

This is the best sounding, most stable portable drum on the market and there is nothing like it available anywhere else.

The Maverick is available as a 100% custom order. You can choose between the following options to ensure you get exactly what you need:

  • Case available in deep royal blue or black

  • Bass drum available in red or royal blue

  • Choose your configuration - bass drum on right or left

  • Full size tambourine and third pedal bracket NOT included

Due to high demand at the moment, the average production time for Maverick orders is currently 2 to 3 weeks but it’s worth every minute of waiting time. This is the game changer.

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