16" Acoustic Bass Fireball Sears Courier

16" Acoustic Bass Fireball Sears Courier

320.00 355.00

This model features a 16” full bass drum in jet black trim mounted into a super cool vintage Fireball Sears Courier case. The drum also features a built in (removable) full size tambourine. We’ve also preserved the rear lining to provide added acoustic buffering when hitting the drum. The kick drum is installed with a 2-ply clear pinstripe head and muff’l ring. The combination of these materials is what gives Pan American kick drums that deep punch you’d expect from a kick drum.

This drum can also be upgraded to an electric model for an additional $100. The upgrade package includes internal pickup, cable jack and signal boost pedal for running it straight into an amp of PA system. This is a good option for pro musicians that play multiple venues and need the extra power boost to accommodate a range of PA system quality. Just go to the What’s in Stock tab at panamericandrums.com and select the electric upgrade option.

Other standard features include pedal brackets and rear access mic port. This drum moves a lot of air when you hit the kick drum so we’ve placed the mic port dead center in the rear of the case. This enhances the sound quality and eliminates echo.

Go on. Bring The House Down.

  • Drum pedals sold separately

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  • International shipping available on request

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