16" Acoustic Earth Tone American Tourister - with tambourine and mount

16" Acoustic Earth Tone American Tourister - with tambourine and mount


Once in a while we come across something we’ve never seen before and this is one of those occasions. This drum features a 16” center mounted kick drum built into a beautiful, double handled earth tone American Tourister. This case has more style and flair than just about anything we’ve made before. This drum was also featured in a recent video shoot for Pan American and it sounded incredible. The full kit also includes a full size tambourine with a separate floor mount. This enables you to control the chime of the tambourine so there is zero resonant chime when you hit the kick drum. The tambourine sound is on point and crystal clear in a live performance or studio session.

The advantages of this design are significant:

  • Center Mount drum with separate floor mount can used by anyone; right footed, left footed, it doesn’t matter. Just move the floor mount tambourine to whichever side you want and go for it.

  • For the above reason, this drum can easily be converted to play while seated or standing. Just switch the floor mount to the relevant side and you’re ready to roll.

  • This design completely eliminates any resonant chime from the tambourine cymbals while hitting the drum head. Since the two components are detached, the tambourine will remain completely silent unless you’re hitting it with the tambourine pedal. 

  • This design also makes it a great choice for drummers as well as guitar players and other solo musicians. This makes a great alternative kit that takes up far less room than a traditional 22” bass drum. 

Other standard features include suitcase pedal bracket and rear access mic port. For an additional $100, this drum can be wired so you can plug it straight into an amp or PA system. The upgrade package includes pickup, cable jack, and signal boost pedal. This package allows you to really boost the power of the kick drum for larger venues or just for when you want to blow your eardrums out. Just go to the What’s in Stock tab at panamericandrums.com and select the Electric Upgrade option. We’ll get it wired up for you.

This drum is truly one of a kind. So go on. Bring The House Down.

  • Drum pedals sold separately.

  • Orders to Alaska and Hawaii will incur additional shipping charges.

  • International shipping available on request.

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