12" Electric Center Mount Samsonite

12" Electric Center Mount Samsonite


For a limited time only, Pan American is listing some current suitcase stock to allow customers to choose their case and design the drum of their choice.

This case is a baby blue Samsonite. The sound quality of these Samsonites, much like the American Touristers, is powerful. Granted, this will be a 12” kick drum but you will still get a nice, punchy kick pitch to the drum. We never recommend buying an acoustic 12” drum so all of these size drums are produced as electric models. This case is smaller which makes it easier to haul around. You can easily fit the tambourine and mount plus cables, pedals, and assorted other gear inside.

The price of this drum is all inclusive at $395 as a center mount electric drum. The advantages of center mount drum are as follows:

  • Center Mount drum with separate floor mount can used by anyone; right footed, left footed, it doesn’t matter. Just move the floor mount tambourine to whichever side you want and go for it.

  • For the above reason, this drum can easily be converted to play while seated or standing. Just switch the floor mount to the relevant side and you’re ready to roll.

  • The center mount design creates adequate space inside the case to house BOTH drum pedals. This particular case is also large enough to house the tambourine and floor mount.

  • This design completely eliminates any resonant chime from the tambourine cymbals while hitting the drum head. Since the two components are detached, the tambourine will remain completely silent unless you’re hitting it with the tambourine pedal. 

  • This design also makes it a great choice for drummers as well as guitar players and other solo musicians. This makes a great alternative kit that takes up far less room than a traditional 22” bass drum. 

Other standard features include pedal bracket(s) and rear access mic port. This case is really unique and it won’t last long. So go ahead. Bring The House Down.

  • Drum pedals sold separately

  • Orders to Alaska and Hawaii will incur additional shipping charges

  • International shipping available on request

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